A pain in my arse, in the best possible way. 

Stephen Manning, chief sub-editor at The Independent

Harriet Marsden ranks as one of the most effective and talented writers I taught on the postgrad course at City University over the past year. Her feature writing was of consistently high quality. I urged her to try and sell some of the pieces she wrote for me.

She delivered some really classy writing. It was a pleasure teaching her. She worked well under pressure and was always a strong team player. She delivers in style and with real flair. 

Paul Majendie, Reuters foreign correspondent

Superior news values and judgement, as well as an eye for design ... a good communicator with an affable personality. Her aptitude and work ethic were second to none and I would have no hesitation in hiring her again.

Ian Ford, production editor at The Guardian

A delight to be around, hard-working, her time-keeping was excellent and she had a professional manner at all times. Harriet performed tasks with diligence and efficiency ... a real asset to the team. 

Kathryn Bromwich, commissioning editor at the Observer New Review

Consistently reliable, hard-working, extremely enthusiastic, quick to learn new ideas and offered many, many good ideas of her own ... also a very positive and likeable person to have around the office. 

Jeremy Evans, CEO of 'Explaain'

A capable, diligent and helpful member of the team, and always brought a confident energy to the office and anything she was tasked with.

Frank Lawton, editorial staff, The Week magazine

I found her to be energetic, efficient, self-starting and intelligent. Her work was of a high standard and reliable. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Harriet.

Nick Mathiason, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism


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