Government refuses to ban vaginal mesh despite it causing severe issues for women

The Government has refused to ban controversial surgical mesh implants, despite calls for suspension of the treatment and a Labour push for a full public inquiry into the scandal. Following a debate in Westminster, minister for care and mental health, Jackie Doyle-Price, acknowledged the severity of the issues surrounding the treatment – but ruled out a public inquiry or a suspension.

Vaginal mesh surgery is ‘the new thalidomide’. So where's the outcry?

The Mesh Oversight Group Report, in response to a 2015 interim paper and in conjunction with a March independent review in Scotland, came out this week – to address what’s being referred to by senior doctors as the most serious women’s health scandal since thalidomide: transvaginal mesh procedures. And yet, barely a whisper in the headlines. And ultimately, a devastating blow to campaigners and victims. And a threatening precedent to women’s health in general.

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