I went to Nigel Farage's booze-free Brexit celebration with a bottle of vodka and an open mind

They’re certainly not the only European voices I’ll hear through the night, along with American, Japanese and – more surprisingly – Irish, but the crowd is overwhelmingly white and English. It’s a controlled vibe, not too much shoving, but there’s an underlying tension and a lot of angry shouting. That surprises me from a group of people so firmly convinced they have “won” their heart’s desire. There’s the odd waft of gunpowder and a smell of weed in the air. I hope it’s been through customs.

Class is the thing, insists Diane Abbott in debate over generational divide

Diane Abbott has dismissed the idea of a conflict between the young and old, arguing against redistribution of wealth from the elderly to the millennials. Speaking at the How The Light Gets In festival in Hay-on-Wye, the shadow home secretary cautioned against blaming society’s problems on a generational divide. “Some of the issues raised as matters of intergenerational conflict are consequences of series of political decisions that people voted for,” she said. “We shouldn’t be framing the problem of class and class politics as a problem of the old versus the young.”

Mourinho fined £1.2m for failing to declare payment

The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has been fined by the Spanish tax authorities for failing to pay any tax on a remittance of more than £1m by his club to his agent, which he should have declared as a benefit in kind. Leaked documents reveal that tax inspectors last year demanded Mourinho pay £1.22m in unpaid tax and penalties after finding that he had failed to declare £1.4m in payments by his former club Real Madrid to his agent, Jorge Mendes.

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