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Sting, Shakti and sex: The exhibition changing our understanding of tantra

A woman has her legs slung over the shoulders of a man, bent backwards like a stone comma. One of her feet is on the man’s headdress, while he rests his chin on her “yoni”. I’m hunkered down on my knees in a back room of the British Museum, staring at a carved depiction of oral sex. Not your typical Tuesday. My guide tells me that the statue is 11th century, possibly from the Elephanta cave temples near Mumbai, and came to the museum in 1865. It venerates the vulva, or the source of creation, s

Why it's time to mute 'gin enthusiast' and any other dating app cliche

My grandfather’s favourite quote is: ‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.’ Clearly, my nonagenarian pop hasn’t spent much time on Tinder. I hope. Because this advice doesn’t hold for dating apps. Most people I know wouldn’t swipe right for a purely pictorial profile – no words looks lazy at best, and unpleasantly narcissistic at worst (sorry Ronan Keating, but on Hinge or Bumble you really don’t say it best when you say nothing at all). Which means

The new edition of the Kama Sutra proves it is about more than just sex

The elegant Folio Society produces only a handful of limited editions a year; all artistic but never pornographic. So you might wonder why such a society would pick now to republish a 2,000-year-old Sanskrit guide to sex positions – literary legacy notwithstanding. But in fact (to give it its full title), The Kama Sutra of Vātsyāyana is only partially about sex. One seventh, to be exact – or so the limited editions commissioning editor James Rose assures me.

I joined a sex toy festival in Belgium to raise money and awareness

As I waded through the mud, swinging my spade like a medieval axe, I grew increasingly desperate to find a vibrator. And no, this isn’t a tale of rural sexual repression. This was the annual sex toy hunt in Wépion, Belgium. In a little village just outside of Namur, the capital of Wallonia, I found myself knee deep in a crowded, muddy field, digging for dildos at the highlight of the “Chasse aux Sextoys” festival.

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8 best microbead-free face scrubs

Everyone's skin is different, but all skin has one thing in common – needing regular exfolation. This is an all-too-often skipped step in skincare regimes, but it's vital in the fight against fine lines, dead skin and impurities. If everyone's skin is different, it stands to reason that they all require a different type of exfoliation, and it's important to find a product that fits your lifestyle, so you'll actually use it.

10 best microbead-free body scrubs

When TLC said "I don't want no scrubs", they should've added "which contain microbeads". Tiny pieces of non-biodegradable plastic, microbeads are so small that they can't be extracted during water treatment after they go down the drain, so they end up in the oceans. Now, there's a huge mass of floating debris in the Pacific Ocean, known as the 'Great Pacific garbage patch' - estimates range from about the size of Texas, to up to twice the size of the continental US.

12 best long-lasting make-up products

Freshers’ week: it’s that time of year again, when chances are you’re partying harder than ever before. And when you’re out meeting people all day, clubbing all night, and staggering home first thing in the morning - just in time for lectures - it’s important to know that your make-up is working as hard as you are. Any modern woman also needs her make-up to stand the test of time, especially when going straight from a hard day’s work to a roaring Happy Hour.

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