Why it's time to mute 'gin enthusiast' and any other dating app cliche

My grandfather’s favourite quote is: ‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.’ Clearly, my nonagenarian pop hasn’t spent much time on Tinder. I hope. Because this advice doesn’t hold for dating apps. Most people I know wouldn’t swipe right for a purely pictorial profile – no words looks lazy at best, and unpleasantly narcissistic at worst (sorry Ronan Keating, but on Hinge or Bumble you really don’t say it best when you say nothing at all). Which means

Allowing English women to take the abortion pill at home is good news – and now we're coming for you, Northern Ireland

As landmark women’s health text Our Bodies, Ourselves put it in 1970, abortion is “our right ... as women to control our own bodies. The existence of any abortion laws (however ‘liberal’) denies this right.” Those rights are advancing in some parts of the UK, and stalling in others. The latest development is that women in England will soon be able to take an abortion pill at home: a small but significant step forward that many welcome. Yet in Northern Ireland, women still face draconian laws.

A female manager at the World Cup shows how far women in sport have come

When England lost to Croatia on Wednesday, it was the first time England had played in a World Cup semi-final since 1990. Except, of course, it wasn’t – as many pointed out. In 2015, England reached the same stage at the Women’s World Cup, captained by Steph Houghton, Manchester City skipper and a three-time goal scorer in the London Olympics. But it was, however, the first time a woman has ever sat on the Croatian bench at a World Cup match.

It doesn't matter if Stormy Daniels' arrest was a setup – that such a misogynistic law exists is a disgrace

So football didn’t come home last night, as you’ve heard. But what you might have missed is that neither did Stormy Daniels. The adult film star, best known for claiming to have had an affair with US President Donald Trump in 2006 – and allegedly spanking him with a magazine emblazoned with his own face – was arrested in an Ohio strip club in the early hours of Thursday morning. After appearing on stage at the Sirens Gentlemen’s Club in Columbus, Ohio, the performer – real name Stephanie Cliff

Asia Argento is right, men need to be held accountable – not just for their actions, but also for the impact of their silence

Since the initial tide of #MeToo and the endless backlash upon backlash, men have been uncharacteristically quiet. The movement promised a reckoning, of a gender acknowledging how the power dynamic they have benefited from – and propagated – has led to what amounts to a sexual assault epidemic. One which women have long known about, but only recently felt safe enough to discuss. This reckoning has yet to materialise.
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